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Hey. I believe you are running some old version of DotaPlus or one of its components. can you please come to the Discord so I can check your logs and fix the issue for you? Use this link:

Hey, thanks for this feedback. This feature is actually planned along with a redesign to the application.

When you join a group, the main application window will reflect info about each player in the group, and also, for people you already know, it will show data about mutual matches of you together.

You are welcome to join the DotaPlus Discord Server to follow the app closely and contact me directly there. Use this linl

Hey man. Props for managing to this for a month and not breaking, it sounds terrible!

Alright, there's a lot I can do to try and help you. To make it easier, can you please come to the Discord server so we can do this at real time? Follow this link:

If you are not interested in Discord, please tell me and we'll do it from here - it'll just be slower and harder.

Hey man, can you please come to the DotaPlus Discord channel and message me there? I am 'Tsury'

I will be able to look at your logs and fix your issue.


Hey, thanks for suggesting this.

I intend to add more content related to learning how to play Dota 2 later on. It's not the current focus, but it's definitely something I wish to add. To get the latest updates and early versions of DotaPlus, come to the Discord channel

What do you mean exactly? Do you want to see the recommended picks for the enemy team?

What do you mean by preference? You mean that they will appear higher in suggestion list? But that can be misleading, what if they are very bad in the current matchup?

I can add a feature to maybe highlight favorite heroes in suggestions...

Hey, can you come to the Discord channel and message me? My name is Tsury [DotaPlus]

Use this link:

I'll be able to check your logs and find the issue.