Player Notes

Tsury 2 years ago updated by Mydredel 1 year ago 11

Support for player notes.

  • Add ability to add notes to players
  • Notes will stick even if players change profile name
  • A notification will trigger upon match start when there are players with notes
  • There will be an icon indicating that a player has a note attached to him
  • You will be able to edit/remove the notes
  • For now the data will be saved locally and not the a cloud.

Can you make somehow synchronizable between different PC or easy to copy?
I switch between laptop and PC.

I can probably implement some Import/Export method before going full-cloud, but I might just skip it and go full cloud, we'll see

Also if the app is popular you could make notes visible to all if selected. It would be some kind of a reminder for all players that someone is toxic. It could backfire with some angry mobs or bots, but I think it would be interesting.

Haha yeah I thought about this. This is both a big feature to implement and, as you said, a potentially dangerous feature.

I will consider it, but obviously it does require the cloud sync.

This is coming along pretty well...

For this feature I actually implemented new profile tooltips.

Feature is completed. Awaiting publish for live servers

Note that import/export is not yet available. There's a manual way, I'll explain on demand for now.

Can you explain where are they located?