Team Chat - Suggest heroes / Warn from spammers

Tsury 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Similar to Valve's ALT + Click

ALT + Clicking an enemy hero in the table will send a message in chat:

[DotaPlus] Enemy has a Pugna spammer

[DotaPlus] Enemy has a Techies picker with 82 matches / 73% winrate this month

ALT + Clicking an a suggested pick will send a message in chat:

[DotaPlus] I think someone should pick Phoenix

ALT + Clicking an enemy from the Counter Picks section will send:

[DotaPlus] Riki counters are: [Slardar, Bounty Hunter, ....]

If you have any more ideas feel fee to send them here.

PS: If actually sending the messages to the chat will not be possible, I'll at least copy them to the clipboard.