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Entering a Game

Unknown Species 2 years ago updated by Tsury 2 years ago 1

Basically, when I enter my first game after launching Dota 2, my screen turns black, except I can still see that I connected and each player's color, on the top. The Dota Plus window still pops up, I can't close it, minimize it, or interact with the screen at all. In the back, I can still hear game audio and my announcer pack. I have to restart Dota and reconnect every time to let me see what the enemies have picked and so that I can pick as well. I have been doing that for the past month, it is getting a bit frustrating now so I have come here to ask for some help. When I disable Dota Plus, the problem disappears.

Under review

Hey man. Props for managing to this for a month and not breaking, it sounds terrible!

Alright, there's a lot I can do to try and help you. To make it easier, can you please come to the Discord server so we can do this at real time? Follow this link: https://discord.gg/6bc2fU

If you are not interested in Discord, please tell me and we'll do it from here - it'll just be slower and harder.