Dota 2 - "A new version of DotaPlus is available, close and wait"... Dota is closed, nothing happens

alonshott 2 years ago updated by Tsury 2 years ago 5

Since this message started to appear, bans are still showing right, but all the other sub menus (picks, tables etc') aren't working anymore.

Let alone this app is just... running... so... slowwwww. Opening it in Dota, seeing it load and moving between sub menus makes me feel like my computer is a Pentium 2 with a non existent on board GPU -_-


...The overlay isn't detecting at leat 50% of the matches, and i'm left without it at all. there's no manual way to open the Dota overlay because it doesn't even detect that i'm in-match.

Under review

Hey, can you please tell me what version of DotaPlus you're currently using? It's written on the bottom-right part of the app window. The newest is v3.1.83

Btw if you want this to go faster you can DM me on Discord and I will be with you live. Discord link: https://discord.gg/BHdMxn

A version was released yesterday with many fixes regarding the issues u described here. Make sure you are using v3.2.2222

If the problem persists please repoen.